The Founder of I-HUNTING with more than 
a decade of proven track record in this industry.

Helpers placed by I-HUNTING they are able to complete 
to 4 years of contract within 1 household. Our candidates 
are mainly the good record, completed contract and good 
attitude Ex-Singapore Indonesian helpers. 

We are rejecting mass suppliers supplying mass biodata 
to agencies in S'pore. 

Our objectives, Low Placement Fees & Low Upfront charged to Employer & the Helper.

Our candidates, they are competent in handling daily household chores (Singapore standard), handling of pork, daily local cooking, marketing, taking care of baby, child & elderly's daily activities.

Our beliefs, "Fair Employment" we only provide to Employer the right fit and based on mutual agreement on the acceptance of the
job offer.

We welcome, Employer believing in helpers are humans too. 
To have a balance work life in Singapore and having a proper
day off after a long week of tedious work.

Drop us an email at for your personal domestic needs. We will try our best to match for you the RIGHT HELPER!

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